Sibling harmony: Luke & Charlotte Ritchie

In just over a month’s time, lists of the best songs of 2014 will begin to appear online and in print, sparking debate and disagreements no matter which genre they choose to represent.

Two lesser-known songs will probably escape attention however, having arrived via a source which would be more familiar to viewers of E4 and BBC3 than avid listeners of the radio.

For those unaware, 2014 saw the low-key release of Luke and Charlotte Ritchie’s debut EP Light of Another on June 9th.

Charlotte is more recognisable in the role of Oregon in E4’s Fresh Meat, as well as playing the lead character of Hannah in this year’s BBC3 sitcom Siblings which enjoyed a successful run through August and has already been commissioned for a second series.

But this is all about the music, which is strong enough to do without any television-connected promotion as Charlotte teams up with brother Luke, who has been writing and recording his own acoustic based material since 2010. The release of the EP has demonstrated that there is serious potential in the partnership, with two songs standing out in particular – namely titular track Light of Another, and 2013 single Hammerite, which has received 29,000 views on YouTube as well as being given away as a free download.

That a track of the quality of Hammerite can be given away for free is a symbol of the song-writing potential available here, while Light of Another could sit comfortably aside mainstream hits on the radio and not sound out of place. When it comes to deciding on my own ‘best of’ 2014 these two brilliant compositions will be very high on any potential list.

The subtle vocals and harmonies throughout the EP are a joy to listen to, working very well in an intimate live setting as well as on record. Given time and the right backing, this is a harmonious sibling collaboration which could yet yield a fantastic album.

Light of Another is available to buy on iTunes for £2.49.


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